5 best magento extension for your Magento product page

Category: Magento 2

1. What is the ideal product page? Would you like to provide your customers full information about the product? Receive questions from customer and be able to answer them quickly? You would like to notify your customers once product is back in stock? All this points are elements of perfect product page! We have made for you selection of best Magento extensions that will help you to save time, money and obtain more satisfied customers!

2. Custom product tabs by TemplatesMaster You need to create custom Magento tabs with specific for your store content for each? You can use as a content CNS block or products attribute or even create new tab for product questions. It’s easy to do with Easy Tabs extension by TemplatesMaster. Price: Free Download it here.

3. Out of stock notification by Amasty With Out of Stock Notification you can easily inform your clients about refillment of your stock and price changes for products. You can see what see in admin panel what are your client’s favourite products and make informed decisions about stock renewals and price updates Price: 79$ Download it here for Magento1, here for Magento 2.

4. Product Questions by aheadWorks Customers submit the question directly from the product page and you instantly know exactly what product your customer is asking about. Both admin or other users can answer the question under your control. You can also share the questions for all relevant products. Price: 139$ Download it here for Magento1, here for Magento 2.

5. Product attachments by FMEextensions Do you have some specific docs as User manuals, Presentation, How to... for your products? Now you can easily share them with your store users! With Magento Product Attachment extension you can make your files available for download by uploading them on product and CMS pages. Price: 69.99$ Download it here. Magento 2 compatible!

6. ShareMe! by Amasty Would you like to promote your business on Facebook and attract more potential customers to the store? Provide your website users discount for sharing a product page or your Facebook store Page! Price: 169$ Download it here.

7. And what about Magento 2? As Magento 2 is already officially released we have to take in consideration this big newness. All extension available for Magento 2 you can find here.

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