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What is Order Management Software? - Main goal of order management software is to simplify your everyday business operations. No doubt, you can enter all kinds of information manually, starting from order placement, customer information, tracking number and shipping details. However, these simple tasks may not take too much time at first, but as your business grows so do the orders quantities, and the risk of human error increases as well.

Below, we present our selection of order management solutions, based on the following criteria:

  • ● Integration with Magento

  • ● Multilanguage solution working with multiple currencies 

  • ● High level of data security 

In some cases, we have added to our selection apps that do not match our criteria 100%, but we cannot ignore them due to their great functionality and some bonus features.

Let’s take a closer look at the options:


TradeGecko is a private B2B e-Commerce Marketplace. It allows real-time analytics and reports, and fully-automated demand forecasting and inventory optimization. You can efficiently manage multiple warehouses and automatically update stock levels whenever sales are made. TradeGecko allows integrating your sales channels: Shopify, Amazon and many more: it has a hub to manage inventory and orders from all sales channels.

TradeGecko can be integrated with Magento, Xero and QuickBooks.

  • ● Supported languages: English

  • ● Pricing starting from: $39.00/month 

  • ● Subscription Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required) 

  • ● Security and Privacy Encryption: Yes 

  • ● Encryption of sensitive data at rest: Yes 

  • ● HTTPS for all pages Access control: Yes 

  • ● Multi-factor authentication options Data policy: No 

  • ● Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions

Please follow the link to know more about TradeGecko.


Veeqo allows bulk print of shipping labels for USPS, UPS, FedEx, and many more. You can synchronize the inventory in real time with eBay and Amazon, and push your orders into Xero. Veeqo is integrated with Magento, and it has very user-friendly interface. On top of that, you can save up to 70% off your shipping costs with our discount!

  • ● Supported languages: English

  • ● Pricing starting from: $70.00/month 

  • ● Pricing model: open- source

  • ● Subscription free trial: 14 days - available (No Credit Card required) 

  • ● Security and privacy encryption: Yes 

  • ● Encryption of sensitive data at rest: Yes 

  • ● HTTPS for all pages access control: No 

  • ● Multi-factor authentication options Data policy: Yes 

  • ● Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions


Megaventory is a great tool for managing quotes, orders, and in/out/transfer movements. Its outstanding characteristics speak for themselves:

  • ● Internet downtime work continuity ensured 

  • ● Multi-location and multi-user capable

  • ● Stock alert levels, availability levels, and inventory value

  • ● 100% user-localizable (user can translate the application)

  • ● Manages bills of materials and work orders

  • ● Controls supplier's inventory

  • ● Allows using multiple currencies and inventory returns

  • ● Tracks supplier availability

  • ● Allows full Data import/export, partial shipping and receiving 

  • ● Integrated with Magento

  • ● Price: $9.90- 99.9/month + custom plans 

  • ● Subscription free trial: Available 

  • ● Security and privacy encryption: No

  • ● Encryption of sensitive data at rest: Yes 

  • ● HTTPS for all pages access control: No 

  • ● Multi-factor authentication options Data policy: No 

  • ● Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions

Freestyle Solutions

Freestyle Solutions allows automatic syncing of orders and inventory and is integrated with Amazon, eBay, Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify. You can easily build reports to help make better business decisions. An extra feature that might be of interest to you is its built-in barcode scanner.

Many more features to explore:

  • ● Integrate with QuickBooks (Desktop & Online) 

  • ● Low level inventory alerts

  • ● Create kits and bundles 

  • ● Integrate with ShipStation and ShipWorks

  • ● Manage attributes such as size, color, and variation 

  • ● Send drop ship POs to suppliers

  • ● User-definable roles 

  • ● Unlimited U.S.-based support!

  • ● Supported countries: USA 

  • ● Supported languages: EN

  • ● Available in 3 OMS solutions: - SAAS - On Premise - Hosted Live Demo


Let Amazon lighten up your fulfillment with our FBA integration!

ShipStation is a great support for thermal and desktop printers. It enables consolidated view of all orders from all stores. Moreover, you can automate your shipping with hierarchical rules including multiple warehouses and locations.

Check out more outstanding features:

  • ● Able to combine and split orders 

  • ● Able to view product images for increased packing accuracy 

  • ● Able to establish product-specific shipment settings

  • ● Able to generate USPS SCAN forms for better tracking 

  • ● Integrated with Magento

  • ● Available only in English

  • ● Pricing model: subscription, price on request

  • ● Free Trial: 30-day, available

And finally NetSuite

NetSuite allows accounting, ERP; analytics, dashboards, inventory management, order management; CRM, CRM Analytics, SFA, Marketing, Customer Service – to name just a few.

Among other amazing features one can mention:

  • ● Quoting, and sales order management

  • ● Workflow engine

  • ● Multi-language, multi-currency, and multiple companies and locations

  • ● Professional services automation

  • ● Data import/export, role-based security, developer API 

  • ● Mobile access, integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook 

  • ● Not integrated with Magento

  • ● Pricing starts from: $499.00/month 

  • ● Pricing model: subscription (pricing available on request)

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