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Official Resources

Magento Blog
Magento CE User Guide
Magento Documentation (phpdoc)
Magento EE User Guide
Magento Technical Resources
Magento Knowledge Base
Magento 2 Developer Hub
Magento 2 Github Repository
Magento Security Center - a dedicated resource to stay abreast of the latest security news, best practices, patch releases and bug fixes

Magento Certification
Magento Developer Certification study guides and tools
Magento Certification Practice Test by Magestore
Magento Certified Solution Specialist by Quizlet
Magento Certified Front End Developer Exam Study Guide by Demac Media

Getting Started with Magento Extension Development by Ajzele Branko
Grokking Magento - Book 1: Basics & Request Flow by Vinai Kopp
Magento Best Practices Handbook by Alessandro Ronchi
Magento PHP Developer's Guide by Allan MacGregor
Magento Product Types: Developer's Guide by Oleg Ishenko
Magento Search Engine Optimization by Robert Kent
Mastering Magento Theme Design by Andrea Saccà
No Frills Command Line Magento by Alan Storm
No Frills Magento Layout by Alan Storm
Test Driven Magento Extension Development - Part 1 by Allan MacGregor
The Definitive Guide to Magento by Adam McCombs and Robert Banh
Magento 2:

Magento 2 Developers Guide by Branko Ajzele (pre-order)
Magento 2 Development Cookbook by Bart Delvaux (pre-order)

Alan Kent
Alan Storm
Anna Völkl
Ashley Schroder
Atwix blog
Ben Marks
Cool Ryan
Cyrill Schumacher
David Algen
Demac Media
Excellence Technologies
Fabian Schmengler
Fabrizio Branca
Firebear Studio Blog
Ibnab Blog - Ibnab's Magento 2 related blog posts
integer_net Blog
Kalpesh Mehta
Mage Dev Weekly
Mage Inferno - Blog dedicated to Magento 2
Mage News - A Magento Blog Aggregator
Magento Blog
Magento Garden Blog
MageComp Magento Blog
Mark Shust - Mark Shust on Magento
Max Pronko
Max Yekaterynenko
Nexcess Blog
Nick Jones
Phillip Jackson
Session Digital on Magento - all SD's Magento posts
Session Digital DE on Magento - all SD's DE Magento posts (mainly in English language)
Session Digital on Magento 2 - all SD's Magento 2 posts
Solving Magento
Quickies and Tutorials

Demac Media Tutorials
E-commerce Gorilla
Fishpig's Magento Tutorials
MageDaily Tips
Magento: The Right Way
Magento Quickies
Magento Tweetorials
Podcasts - Rockstar Magento screecasts!
MageClass - Thoughts on Magento 2
Mage Engage - Video interviews of Magento people on YouTube
MageTalk - A Magento Podcast
Magento Podcast DE - German-language podcast (ended 2012)

Magento Forum - The "brand new" Magento forum
Magento Community Digest - #MagentoMonday Community Digest by @sherrierohde
MageHero - Awesome Magento Developers
Magento Stack Exchange - Q&A site for users of Magento e-Commerce platform
MageUnity - Community-powered Discourse forum for members of the Magento community
Reddit - Magento Sub-Reddit

Meet Magento Association

Magento Events Calendar - a publicly available Google calendar which contains all Magento events around the world

Magento Imagine - The Magento event
Mage Titans - an event for Magento developers
Meet Magento

Judge - a tool to examine Magento extensions regarding their quality and compatibility
MageMeter - Magento Benchmarks - gives you a quick insight in the security status of your Magento shop
Magento Speed Test - Magento Speed Test with Siege
Magereverse - MAGEREVERSE is an online Database Diagram Tool dedicated to Magento eCommerce CE Edition.
netz98 magerun CLI tools - a.k.a. n98-magerun or simply magerun, provides some handy tools to work with Magento from command line - tool to test and rank most of the extensions available in Magento Connect based on PHPCS and the Magento ECG Coding Standards
Magento patches finder - tool to show needed patches by version of Magento

ATX Magento Group
Ann Arbor Magento Developers Meetup
Auckland Magento User Group
Austin Magento Developers Meetup
Baltimore Magento Meetup
Bangalore Magento Developers Meetup
Bhubaneswar Magento Meetup
Central PA Magento Meetup
Chennai Magento Meetup
Dallas Magento
Dallas Magento Merchants Users Group
Hasselt Magento Meetup
Hyderabad Magento meetup
Kochi Magento Meetup
London Magento Users Group
Los Angeles Magento Group
Madrid Magento Meetup
Magento Cape Town
Magento Community in Denmark
Magento Developers Atlanta
Magento E-Commerce Meetup München
Magento Estonia Meetup Group
Magento Meetup Ireland
Magento Meetup USA
Magento Melbourne
Magento SD
Magento Slovenia
Magento User Group 's-Hertogenbosch
Magento User Group Rotterdam
Magento WA
Magento User Group Amsterdam
Magento Stammtisch Germany
Magento-Stammtisch Wien
Manchester Magento User Group
Meet E-commerce
Melbourne Ecommerce Meet Up
Midwest Magento Meetup
Munich Magento Meetup
NYC Magento Meetup
NYC Magento Merchant Group
Nagpur Magento Meetup
New England Magento E-Commerce Meetup
New York Magento Meetup - NY Group - by
Northeast Ohio Magento User Group
Portland Maine Magento Meetup
Poznan Magento User Group
São Paulo Magento Developers Meetup
San Diego Magento
San Francisco Magento
Seoul Magento & E-Commerce Meetup
SoCal Magento Meetup
South Florida Magento Developers
Southeast Magento Meetup
Stockholm Magento Meetup
The Denver Magento Developers Meetup
The Minneapolis/St. Paul Magento Meetup
The Seattle Magento Meetup Group
The Sydney Magento Meetup
Twin Cities Magento User Group
UK Magento Users Group
Utah Magento Users Group
Vancouver Magento User Group - VanMagUG

Mage Hackathon
MageStackDay - Online hackathon dedicated to questions on
Module Repositories/Marketplaces

Magento Connect
Magento's Composer Repository
Firegento Composer Repository
Xtension Galaxy
Prebuild VMs and Containers

Docker - Docker container for Magento 2 (CentOS) - Docker Hub by Mage Inferno
chadrien/magento2 - Magento 2 Docker images
ilampirai/docker-magento2 - Magento 2 with DB manager - Magento 2 simple docker build by Karen Baker
Development Environment - Magento 1 and Magento 2 Vagrant Development Environment for Mac OS X Hosts - Vagrant for Magento CE, optimized for Windows hosts
rgranadino/mage2_vagrant - Magento 2 Vagrant Box - Vagrant + Magento ( + PHP-7.0.0