Why you need PIM and how to choose it?

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1. Why you need Product information management platforms (PIM) and how to choose the right one?

2. What is PIM and why it can be useful for you? As your business grow, keeping track of product data can become more and more difficult each day. All product’s SKUs, descriptions, pricing information – it can get bulky very fast! If you are struggling to have complete, accurate and compelling content about your products no matter what is the device used by your customer for read it - PIM solution is for you!

3. Who are main PIM users? - E-commerce merchants with complex product catalogs; - Enterprises that require centralized and optimized data flow; - And all others types of businesses with the need of high level data quality control.

4. What kind of data can be stored in PIM? - Product information: descriptions, labels and much more that can be used in marketing purpose to provide omni channel experience to the user - User’s information and data generated by users, as comments and ratings - Product prices - Technical product information - Logistical information …

5. How to choose best PIM solution? There are few thing that you have to consider while choosing your PIM:

  • •Modular - check if connector to sync with your current systems is available and properly documented

  • •Configurable - so you can easily adapt it to your business and change it as your business grow

  • •Automation - you want to make life easier, right? So this one is a must!

  • •Open source or enterprise platform? Think in advance which one is best for you. Both of them have own advantages and disadvantages.

  • •Localization-ready - if interface is available on multiple languages and support all the characters that you use

  • •User-friendly UI - it will help you to use all the benefits of your PIM

6. Main players on the Market

7. InRiver Solution is fitted for both B2B and B2C retailers. Can be useful for any business with lots of product data across multiple channels, in particular ones with a lot of online consumer participation. - Supplier onboarding tools helps to increase information quality and to avoid errors - Enhanced search capabilities and query building - Planner app is really useful to handle future and actual campaigns, promotions and product launches - Channel to channel functions, so you can use data seamlessly between tasks - Extensions for Magento stores available on Magento Connect.

8. Salsify Salsify is a cloud-based PIM solution. Within this platform, all employees get the access to the real-time information. The platform itself provides the integration with main ERP systems and e-commerce platforms. Salsify can be a perfect solution for the companies with big teams as it allows real-time collaboration in addition to unlimited users and multiple workflows make. Salsify platform supports multiple languages. Platform provides also a system of one-click reminders. Salsify is highly scalable platform, so it can grow with your business.

9. AKENEO Akeneo PIM is another highly reliable productivity tool on the market. It has friendly interface and it’s destined at non technical users. Solution is based on a Symfony2, the platform is open source. The big advantage is in its high scalability level, Akeneo can be customized easily according to your needs, that’s why it can be used within all possible types of retail businesses. Another nice feature is import/export engine. With its help, you can easily connect Akeneo PIM with other platforms.

10. ASIM Asim is the ideal solution for enterprises, which rely on catalogs and other printed materials. It consists of four modules: 1. AsimBase module is a base for implementation of PIM system; 2. AsimFlip module works with catalogue PDFs turning them into online listings; 3. AsimPublish is responsible for print publishing; 4. and AsimCommerce works with e-commerce websites. With Asim you’ll be able to create target-oriented publications easily. Besides simplified complex data structures, it also generates data, which can be used for any purpose.

11. Oracle Oracle is one of the most popular PIM solutions on the market. The platform creates a central repository with all the necessary data. Besides product information, it also includes supplier data and information about locations and channels, which is available for sharing within the organization and out of it. Oracle product information management system helps ensure compliance with industry standards. Have to mention also its scalability, as an advantage.

12. Agility Multichannel If you are looking for a user-friendly and highly customizable PIM software, then Agility is your solution! Agility Multichannel relies on contextual views. With this feature, you will be able to customize and adapt data to every channel of your enterprise. Platform integrates with all possible e-commerce systems and offers dynamic workflows. Moreover, Agility Multichannel will help you streamline all data flows and enrich information about your products. Also you get real-time analytic tools, content auditing and history.

13. Pimcore If you are considering an open-source solution, then you should check Pimcore. It’s an multi-channel PIM platform that provides full control not only over data channels, but also over web properties and marketing campaigns. With Pimcore you can easily use different integrated tools to create email campaigns, social media efforts, newsletters, etc. Pimcore is a perfect for retailers with the strong emphasis on e- commerce, thanks to its advanced support for apps and websites. 14. Have more question? Don’t be afraid - ask us! Write us @ start@opsway.com We will be happy to help you!